Strategies to ensure you get more Kiwi Likes

News 02:05 May 2024:

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Getting likes on any social media platform requires a strategy. Most people do not realize this and thus just post anything then pray that people like their post. You can try various strategies that will get you more kiwi likes. For starters post something that is trending. This means you will have to be up to date with current affairs. Whichever field you are asking about ensure what you are asking is a current question as people like to stay up to date. You also need to shape your questions according to the audience you re targeting. It could be funny if that is your audience or seriously framed if you are looking for serious people.

Aside from that what you are posting should be accurate. This is necessary since even if it is funny, sarcastic or serious you need to be considered valid and not just someone who slanders other people or spreads rumors. When people consider your questions as viable then you will most likely get more kiwi likes as well as replies. You can also try promoting other people’s questions and some will return the favor.